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King of the world

Welcome to my homepage.

The site is planned to provide informations about me and my interests. Further the domain contains homepages of some projects I've been involved in.

So far I did not really create any relevant content for this page. But if interested you can look further into the projects below. However, all of them are in danish, so if you are non-danish speaking, you probably won't understand anything.

Hopefully, I manage to put some more content to this page in the near future. Expected future content includes educational work, scientific articles, galleries and curriculum vitae. But be patient - not that I expect you to care.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me on email: kenneth (at) brun (dot) dk

Best regards,

Kenneth Brun Nielsen

Projects located at

Los GalácticosA soccer team I'm involved in
Gensynsside Aars SkoleA contact page for my former ground school made in connection with our 10 years anniversary reunion party.
IEEE DTU Student BranchI am a board member of IEEE DTU Student Branch. The page is under construction at the moment.

Other relevant pages

Handelstandens boldklub

A football (soccer) club where I play at the moment.

Brede IF

A football (soccer) club where I played in 2004-2005.

A football tournament for Copenhagen dormitories. I played for and coached the Bergsĝe team during the seasons 2002-2004. I developed the website and is at the time hired as external webmaster.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

The university where I study.

Himmerlands Kunsthandel

An art gallery in the northern part of the danish peninsula Jutland. I made this page several years ago for my father-in-law.

Intel Copenhagen

My workplace during the last four years. At the moment I write my master thesis in collaboration with them.

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